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Game count: 5
I hope to add some games later on in the week.
Game:                             File Size:        Rating:      Download:       OS:     Pic:
Sectors of Death                   little over 12mb                               Here            WIN
Description: Action. This is a cool 3D first person
shooter using the Morfir 3D engine. Its has cool graphics and good sound. The only problem I found was trying to get through some door openings, not much of a problem though. This game is only 1 level but is awsome. There are terrorists that are trying to get through your base. Dont let them pass. They are trying to transport weapons right through the middle of it. The terrorists have good accuracy so watch out. You can even call in a helicopter using your radio to blow up the tank that sits in the middle of your base trying to kill you. This game is great and you gotta give it a try.

Dave Gnukem                          
2,277kb                                       Here             WIN
Description: Action. You can probably guess which
game inspired the makers of this action game, Duke Nukem. This game is almost perfectly the same as Duke Nukem. This game isnt really complete yet but I found it good enough complete to add it to this page. The graphics arent that good neither is the sound but its still ok. This game even comes with a level editor.

                                            347 kb                                        Here         DOS/WIN
Description: Action. like worms but not turn base
and comes with a level editor. 40 weapons. You can download levels off the net. You can also dowload skins, weapons, graphics, and other level editors. Very good bloody game. I suggest you download it. You'll be playing for days!
Chub Gam 3D: Directors Cut   4,953 kb                                     Here             DOS
Description: Action/Adventure. Similar to Doom.
One of the few 3D action games available as freeware. Its made for dos and doesnt run in windows unless you restart in dos. Even if you restart in dos you still need 600 kb of conventional memory. To check how much conventional memory you have go to the dos prompt and type "mem". Anywho, Chub Gam 3D was made using GCS from Pie in the Sky Software. It suprised me though to see this game had won "freeware game of the year in 2000". It lacked in graphics and a little in sound but other than that its a pretty good game.
Sk8park 2                                    1,452 kb                                    Here             WIN
Description: Strategy. Like roller coaster tycoon
except instead of building a theme park you build a skate park. Not near as good as roller coaster tycoon. There is no animation. You cant see any people in your park. There are either no or little sound. The graphics are horrible. Its almost just painting a screen with ramps and other obsticles. I think giving it a 2 might be a little tooooo generous. Not worth the download time even with a DSL internet service. Even if you might be a skate boarding fan this game is one of the worst strategy games I have ever played. Not good at any aspect.